5 Great Tips to Help Financial Advisors Respond to COVID-19

At ITB Financial, we believe online communications are the most important aspect of attracting new prospects and keeping loyal clients happy. During this time of quarantine, as people are forced to stay at home, your digital plan becomes more important than ever. Here are some suggestions on how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic based on our research and online marketing expertise.

1. Make consistent communication your priority.

Instead of doing damage-control, take a proactive approach. Reach out to your investors and ask them how they're doing in these uncertain times. By offering to answer any questions before being asked, you will instill confidence in your firm's capabilities and ease many worried minds.

Present your clientele with a written statement laying out your firm's operational plans.

What will be your main channels of communication going forward? Will you be sending out your newsletter more often? Will in-person visits to your office still be available? What protocols will be put in place to make that possible in a safe way? What alternatives will you be offering?

In addition, suggest revisiting your clients' individual financial plans to see if they can still expect to accomplish their goals despite the recent turbulence in the market.

2. Rethink your sales strategy.

In our day and age, this is something you should be thinking about even if we weren't in a pandemic. Hard sells don't work anymore. Your communication should focus on informing and educating.

Provide clients and prospects alike with useful info and updates. If you prove that you were prepared for this situation, new investors will come to you with belief that you're the right firm to handle their assets in any situation.

3. Invest in video.

High-quality videos can facilitate the personal connection lost when in-person meeting aren't possible. As opposed to written communications, video allows you to portray your authenticity and emotional intelligence in regards to the situation.

Consider creating pre-recorded, standalone videos answering commonly asked questions and topics. Will you be offering virtual meetings via Zoom or another similar platform? How can clients schedule a virtual meeting? What if a client doesn't feel technologically savvy enough to set this up?

4. Update and optimize your website.

This should always be an ongoing process. Your website is the online face of your firm, it's the first thing many prospects will see and the place most of your clients will go to find the latest updates.

Take any extra time you have to make sure the messaging on your homepage is relevant to what's going on. Update your team page with fresh photos and current bios. Consider taking this opportunity to invest in a redesign. Nothing displays competency and awareness like a fast, modern website.

Many people will find information about your firm from listings on citation engines like Google Maps, Yelp, and Nextdoor. Is the information on these listings up-to-date? Is your firm even listed on these major sites? Always make it as easy as possible for potential new clients to reach out to you by removing obstacles like these before they exist.

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5. Finally, utilize social media to its true potential.

One of the purest benefits to social media is its ability to keep people connected when they otherwise couldn't be. Make sure the info and photos on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms are up-to-date. Consistently post news and resources to these channels. Have someone at your firm monitoring the comment sections of your posts and your direct message inbox in order to answer questions quickly.

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